A Practical Guide to the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract


Launched in 1991, the New Engineering Contract (NEC) has become one of the UK’s leading standard forms of contract for major construction and civil engineering projects. Currently in the third edition, popularly known as NEC 3, it is a process based construction contract embodying project management best practice, and thus the basic philosophy behind the contract is different to the more adversarial principles and approach of other standard construction contracts.

Written as a practical guide to the application of the procedures contained in NEC 3, this book will aid users in the transition from their use and understanding of the other standard construction contracts to the collaborative project management based approach of the ECC.

Written for anyone working in the construction industry working on a project under the ECC, it will be of interest to the complete construction supply chain including employers, construction professions, contractors and sub-contractors. It will also be of interest to consultants and lawyers advising any of these parties, either in the preparation of contract documentation or the resolution of problem situations which may arise.

  • A practical guide to the application of the procedures contained in the NEC Engineering and Construction Contracts
  • Written specifically for people actually using and administering the NEC contracts – rather than lawyers
  • Covers all the variations created by the Main and Secondary Options

Chapter 1 Introduction (pages 1–4):
Chapter 2 Background to the NECECC (pages 5–11):
Chapter 3 The Options: An Overview (pages 13–18):
Chapter 4 ‘Spirit of Mutual Trust and Cooperation’ (pages 19–24):
Chapter 5 The Cast of Characters (pages 25–35):
Chapter 6 Communications, Early Warnings and Other General Matters (pages 37–48):
Chapter 7 The Contractor’s Main Responsibilities (pages 49–57):
Chapter 8 Subcontracting (pages 59–63):
Chapter 9 Testing and Defects (pages 65–72):
Chapter 10 Title (pages 73–75):
Chapter 11 Risks and Insurance (pages 77–83):
Chapter 12 Time (pages 85–112):
Chapter 13 Payment (pages 113–138):
Chapter 14 The Schedules of Cost Components (pages 139–149):
Chapter 15 Compensation Events: Theory and Events (pages 151–170):
Chapter 16 Compensation Events: Procedures (pages 171–193):
Chapter 17 Compensation Events: Assessment (pages 195–208):
Chapter 18 Termination (pages 209–218):
Chapter 19 Dispute Resolution (pages 219–230):
Chapter 20 Secondary Options (pages 231–242):
Chapter 21 Completing the Contract Data (pages 243–259):
Chapter 22 The Supporting Documents: Need and Content (pages 261–272):



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