Adjudication in Construction Contracts


Adjudication was introduced in construction contracts as a requirement of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act in 1998 to tackle the large number of disputes which dog most projects. Provisions for adjudication are now included in all standard construction forms and are implied into all construction contracts that do not expressly include them.

When adjudication was first launched there were enormous uncertainties about how it would work in practice, and books published to coincide with the launch could only speculate on this.

This new guide, written by a construction lawyer and experienced adjudicator, is the first to explain how adjudication is actually working in practice. It covers all the major court decisions which have clarified enforcement, adjudicator errors and problems such as definition of construction contracts, jurisdiction, insolvency, natural justice and human rights. It also deals with the complex requirements of the legislation regarding payment terms.

This will provide a highly readable, but authoritative guide for all involved in adjudications, whether contracts directors, construction consultants, lawyers or adjudicators.Content:
Chapter One Introduction (pages 1–15):
Chapter Two Construction Contracts and Construction Operations (pages 16–38):
Chapter Three The Statutory Right to Refer Disputes to Adjudication (pages 39–56):
Chapter Four Starting Adjudication (pages 57–82):
Chapter Five Preliminary Matters ? The Referral Notice and Jurisdiction (pages 83–100):
Chapter Six Conduct of the Adjudication (pages 101–126):
Chapter Seven The Adjudicator’s Decision (pages 127–157):
Chapter Eight Costs (pages 158–173):
Chapter Nine Enforcement (pages 174–204):
Chapter Ten Payment (pages 205–231):


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