An Introduction to Management Consultancy


Whether you are looking to build on your management studies or experience of working in business, you are likely to have come across management consultancy and will need a clear and concise introduction to this area to help you understand its practices and techniques in order to hire and implement management consultancy in the future. This text provides you with these essentials for success in your studies and later industries when working with and not just for consultancy firms.

The text is built around learning objectives to empower your understanding of the ′what′, ′how′, ′when′ and ′why′ at macro and micro levels of management consultancy and its stakeholders, and provides you with engaging real life examples and extra web materials for study.

As well as full courses on management consultancy, this text will be invaluable to your management knowledge and skill-set across strategy, change, analytics, problem-solving, solution implementation and decision-making as applied by the world′s top management consulting firms, such as McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company.

Lecturer’s resources

  • Lecturer’s guide
  • Teaching notes per chapter
  • Answer guidance to end-of-chapter questions in book
  • Suggested discussion questions
  • Suggested small group assignments
  • Suggested small group field project
  • Lecture slides
  • Option 1: provide all figures of the book on PowerPoint slides
  • Option 2: create complete PowerPoint presentations for each chapter
  • Exercises
  • Exam questions
  • Discussion forum


Student resources

  • Templates for developing logical structures
  • Web resources
  • Consultancy publications
  • Consultancy web site, career page
  • Job application preparation services
  • Consultancy institutions



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