Being an Effective Construction Client: Working on Commercial and Public Projects


Being a client on a construction project can be incredibly complex and demanding but ultimately rewarding once your ambitions are fulfilled. This comprehensive ‘one stop shop’ will help you to achieve that magic combination of quality and efficiency, guiding you through the entire project lifecycle, from briefing to taking delivery and beyond. It will help you to better understand the project process, the client’s role within it and, critically, how to be successful and effective by advising you on;

  • the key milestones in the project process and your legal responsibilities at each stage
  • achieving cost-effectiveness, efficiency and meeting project timelines
  • key client issues such as funding and investment
  • straightforward best practice advice and how to avoid common problems
  • insightful tips from clients reflecting on their experiences
  • handy tools including a project route map, project decision checklist and diary of a development


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