Carter’s Guide to Australian Contract Law


Carter’s Guide to Australian Contract Law assists in the identification, understanding and application of both the general and specific principles of contract law.

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his book illustrates particular issues by reference to decided cases (including case studies), hypotheticals and sample contracts. Written by leading contract law author, Professor John Carter, this book is clear, concise and user-friendly, making contract law easy to understand and apply. It simplifies difficult cases, is logically structured, fully footnoted and has a comprehensive index. Updated to take account of decisions of the High Court in areas of construction, damages, penalties, unconscionable conduct and terms implied in law.

Features and Benefits

  • ‘How to’ chapter devoted to a discussion of how to draft a contract, answer exam questions, etc
  • Glossary of contract terms
  • Sample contracts
  • End of chapter ‘quick quizzes’ to reinforce student learning
  • Detailed problems on every chapter and worked solutions are included in the book



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