Construction Contract Administration


A successful construction project is completed safely, on time, and within budget; meets designed performance; and produces no claims. This book was written to help those working with privately-awarded construction projects meet these goals.

Students, contractors, foremen, superintendents and managers, project managers and engineers, site and contract administrators and managers, owner’s representatives, and others associated with the industry will find the book to be current and useful. It is designed to serve as a guide and general reference for the many subjects that must be considered in the production and site management of a construction contract.

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 deals with the selection, production, and assembly of the elements required for a construction contract. Part 2 reviews the basics for a reasonable, fair, practical, logical, and orderly contract administration system, using the sample bid package included in appendix B to illustrate the various elements and considerations. Part 3 presents four case studies from construction projects to help those who manage contracts recognize potential problem areas. Some of the latest advances in information technology for construction contract administration are discussed in chapter 9.

The author has represented owners and contractors for the past 50 years in operations, maintenance, design, construction, estimating, engineering, management, and claims resolution in domestic and offshore mining, process, mineral, refinery, smelter, petrochemical, and environmental remediation facilities.


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