Consultant & Independent Contractor Agreements


Get your contract in writing With the rise of the gig economy, independent contractor arrangements are more common than ever. Whether you’re an independent contractor or a business hiring one to work for you, a written agreement will help to protect your rights, define expectations, and prove that there’s no employer-employee relationship. Here you’ll find specific agreements for many types of independent contractors and freelancers, including salespeople, accountants, software consultants, and construction contractors. You’ll learn how to: draft a binding agreement define a project’s scope preserve confidentiality distinguish between employees and independent contractors protect your intellectual property amend your agreement, and satisfy IRS requirements. Each chapter has two agreements—one geared towards the independent contractor and one geared towards the business hiring an independent contractor. The 10th edition—completely updated to provide the latest rules and regulations—includes a useful chapter on agreements for gig workers. With downloadable forms: download all the forms you need to draw up a solid contract (details inside).
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