Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference


There’s no reason to risk your hard-earned money signing a contract you don’t understand. With Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference, you get easy-to-understand explanations for every common contract term. In no time, you’ll grasp mysterious concepts like “force majeur,” “indemnity,” and “time is of the essence.”

Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference is more than just an A–Z explanation of over 300 terms. It also includes:

  • common negotiating strategies
  • examples of contract provisions
  • sample contract clauses and entire contracts
  • examples of illegal and dangerous contract clauses
  • what to expect if you or the other side breaks a contract
  • up-to-date explanations of electronic contracts, and
  • tips on amending and modifying agreements.

Whether you’re starting a business, signing a lease, hiring a new employee or independent contractor, licensing a concept, selling a boat, or contracting for a new fireplace, Contracts: The Essential Business Desk Reference can help. A must-have for small business owners, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and law students—and anyone else whose success is built around understanding and negotiating agreements.


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