Contractual procedures in the construction industry


Preface Acknowledgements Table of relevant statutes Part 1 Contract Law 1. The English Legal System 2. Legal Aspects of Contracts 3. Discharge of Contracts 4. Remedies for Breach of Contract 5. Settlement of Disputes Part 2 Procurement 6. Forms of Contract 7. Contract Strategy 8. Contract Procurement 9. Contract Selection 10. Contract Documents 11. Design and Build 12. Procurement in the Twenty-First Century 13. Lean Construction 14. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) Part 3 Process and Parties 15. Partnering and Supply Chain Management 16. The Construction Process 17. Parties Involved in the Construction of Buildings 18. Site Communications 19. Constructing Excellence in the Built Environment 20. Health and Safety 21. Sustainable Construction Part 4 Standard form of Building Contract 22. Introduction, Articles of Agreement, Appendix 23. Quality of Work During Construction 24. Costs of Construction 25. Time Factor of Construction 26. Works by Other Persons 27. Injury and Insurance of the Works 28. Fluctuations in the Costs 29. Financial Matters 30. Clauses of a General Nature Appendix A Professional Bodies in the Built Environment Appendix B Cases of Interest Appendix C Built Environment Websites Appendix D Bibliography
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