Corruption in Infrastructure Procurement: Addressing the Dynamic Criticalities


This book presents an extensive study on the extant constructs of corruption in infrastructure-related projects and aims to contribute to the determination and elimination of its incidence and prevalence in infrastructure projects.

The book conducts a comprehensive examination of the various determining factors of corruption that negatively affect the procurement process and, in the end, result in cost and time overruns. The authors present an in-depth understanding of how the identified determining factors of corruption can be addressed. Thus, it is intended to broaden the reader’s knowledge of the causes, risk indicators, and different forms of corrupt practices in the procurement process of infrastructure works, before explaining how they affect its stages and activities A dynamic model is developed to demonstrate how to tackle the overall impact of corruption within the procurement process and, at the same time, increase the effectiveness of the extant anti-corruption measures. In short, this book demonstrates that the fight against corruption in the procurement process is strategically feasible and must continue.

This book is essential reading for academics, researchers, professionals and stakeholders in the procurement of infrastructure projects and civil works, as well as those with an interest in corruption, construction management and construction project management.


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