CSI Construction Contract Administration.


Get the must-have reference on construction contract administration–and the essential study aid for the Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) Exam. The CSI Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide: Takes an in-depth look at standard contract documents and their successful use in construction projects. Provides expert commentary on various standard forms and their use in documenting design decisions made during project construction and providing for clear project communications. Discusses the roles and responsibilities of all parties to construction agreements and the. Read more… The Csi Construction Contract Administration Practice Guide; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; Chapter 1 Introduction to Construction Contract Administration; Chapter 2 Roles and Responsibilities; Chapter 3 Preconstruction; Chapter 4 Meetings; Chapter 5 Submittals; Chapter 6 Site Visits, Observations, and Inspections; Chapter 7 Quality Assurance and Quality Control; Chapter 8 Interpretations and Modifications; Chapter 9 Executing the Work; Chapter 10 Claims and Disputes; Chapter 11 Measurement and Payment; Chapter 12 Project Closeout. Chapter 13 Developing a Construction Contract Administration Guide Chapter 14 Summary


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