Economic Analysis of Oil and Gas Engineering Operations


Engineers seek solutions to problems, and the economic viability of each potential solution is normally considered along with the technical merits. This is typically true for the petroleum sector, which includes the global processes of exploration, production, refining, and transportation. Decisions on an investment in any oil or gas field development are made on the basis of its value, which is judged by a combination of a number of economic indicators. Economic Analysis of Oil and Gas Engineering Operations focuses on economic treatment of petroleum engineering operations and serves as a helpful resource for making practical and profitable decisions in oil and gas field development.

  • Reflects major changes over the past decade or so in the oil and gas industry
  • Provides thorough coverage of the use of economic analysis techniques in decision-making in petroleum-related projects
  • Features real-world cases and applications of economic analysis of various engineering problems encountered in petroleum operations
  • Includes principles applicable to other engineering disciplines

This work will be of value to practicing engineers and industry professionals, managers, and executives working in the petroleum industry who have the responsibility of planning and decision-making, as well as advanced students in petroleum and chemical engineering studying engineering economics, petroleum economics and policy, project evaluation, and plant design.


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