Fundamentals of Open Channel Flow


Open channel flow is covered in essentially all civil and environmental engineering programs, usually by final-year undergraduate or graduate students studying water resources.

Fundamentals of Open Channel Flow outlines current theory along with clear and fully solved examples that illustrate the concepts and are geared to a first course in open channel flow. It highlights the practical computational tools students can use to solve problems, such as spreadsheet applications and the HEC-RAS program. It assumes a foundation in fluid mechanics, then adopts a deliberately logical sequence through energy, momentum, friction, gradually varied flow (first qualitative, then quantitative), and the basics of sediment transport.

Taps into Your Innate Ability to Understand Complex Concepts Visually

Open channel flow can be understood through just a few simple equations, graphs, and computational tools. For students, the book comes with downloadable animations that illustrate basic concepts visually with synchronous graphical presentation of fundamental relationships. For instructors, PowerPoint slides and solutions to end-of-chapter problems are provided.

  • Delivers simple but powerful software animations
  • Conveys material in three ways (analytical, graphical, computational/empirical) to aid multiple types of learners and improve overall accessibility
  • Includes new fundamental equation for alternate depths
  • Discusses flow transients supported by animations and calculations
  • Emphasizes applications of common and useful computational tools

Developed by an author who has been teaching open channel flow to university students for the past fifteen years, Fundamentals of Open Channel Flow provides you with a detailed explanation of the basics of open channel flow using examples and animation, and offers expert guidance on the practical application of graphical and computational tools.



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