Geotechnical Investigations and Improvement of Ground Conditions


Geotechnical Investigation and Improvement of Ground Conditions covers practical information on ground improvement and site investigation, considering rock properties and engineering geology and its relation to construction. The book covers geotechnical investigation for construction projects, including classic case studies with geotechnical significance. Additional sections cover soil compaction, soil stabilization, drainage and dewatering, grouting methods, the stone column method, geotextiles, fabrics and earth reinforcement, miscellaneous methods and tools for ground improvement, geotechnical investigation for construction projects, and forensic geotechnical engineering. Final sections present a series of site-specific case studies.

  • Dedicated to ground improvement techniques and geotechnical site investigation
  • Provides practical guidance on site-specific geotechnical investigation and the subsequent interpretation of data
  • Presents site-specific case studies with geotechnical significance
  • Includes site investigation of soils and rocks
  • Gives field-oriented information and guidance


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