Ground Improvement Case Histories: Compaction, Grouting and Geosynthetics


Written by an international group of contributors, Ground Improvement Case Histories: Compaction, Grouting and Geosynthetics provides over 700 pages of international case-histories. Each case-history provides an overview of the specific technology followed by applications, with some cases offering a comprehensive back-analysis through numerical modelling. Specific case-histories include: The Use of Alternative and Improved Construction Materials and Geosynthetics in Pavements, Case Histories of Embankments on Soft Soils and Stabilisation with Geosynthetics, Ground Improvement with Geotextile Reinforcements, Use of Geosynthetics to aid Construction over Soft Soils and Soil Improvement and Foundation Systems with Encased Columns and Reinforced Bearing Layers.

  • Comprehensive analysis methods  using numerical modelling methods
  • Features over 700 pages of contributor generated case-histories from all over the world
  • Offers field data and clear observations based on the practical aspects of the construction procedures and treatment effectiveness


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