Infrastructure Investment: An Engineering Perspective


Established Deterministic Investment Appraisal versus Incorporating Uncertainty When investing in infrastructure, commonly evaluation is via a deterministic approach. Infrastructure Investment: An Engineering Perspective, by contrast, looks at the uncertainty in any investment. Of interest to engineering consultants, government departments, financial institutions, or anyone involved in investment in infrastructure, this text provides the necessary tools for the analysis and appraisal of investment in infrastructure and other assets where uncertainty exists. It covers assets such as roads, buildings, bridges, dams, pipelines, railways, ports, seawalls, and wastewater treatment facilities; it looks at future demand, operating costs, maintenance costs, and other lifetime and investment parameters in both financial and non-financial terms. It considers the impact of climate change and the possible use of adaptive and flexible solutions capable of responding to changed futures, as well as how uncertainty affects the future performance of these investments. The book also incorporates case studies and original investment modeling. A pivotal work containing 11 chapters, this text provides: An original contribution to feasibility analysis under uncertainty A systematic and ordered treatment of investment in infrastructure and assets A structured flow, starting with a systematic treatment of conventional deterministic approaches, through to a complete treatment incorporating uncertainty Infrastructure Investment: An Engineering Perspective details investment analysis in the presence of uncertainty, and is beneficial to students, academics, and practitioners dealing with decision-making in infrastructure and similar investments



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