International Commercial Arbitration in New York


New York is a leading venue for international commercial arbitration, home to the headquarters for the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, the international branch of the American Arbitration Association, and many leaders in the international arbitration field. New York also serves as the locus of several prominent arbitration firms’ central offices.

International Commercial Arbitration in New York focuses on the distinctive aspects of international arbitration in New York. Serving as an essential strategic guide, this book allows practitioners to represent clients more effectively in cases where New York is implicated as either the place of arbitration or evidence or assets are located in New York. This collaborative work boasts contributors of pre-eminent stature in the arbitration field. Each chapter elucidates a vital topic, including the existing New York legal landscape, drafting considerations for clauses designating New York as the place of arbitration, and material and advice on selecting arbitrators. The book also covers a series of topics at the intersection of arbitral process and the New York courts, including jurisdiction, enforcing arbitration agreements, and obtaining preliminary relief and discovery. Class action arbitration, challenging and enforcing arbitral awards, and biographical materials on New York-based international arbitrators is also included, making this a comprehensive, valuable resource for practitioners.

This new in paperback edition provides a Preface prepared by the editors that briefly discusses several developments in the field of arbitration in New York since the publication of the hardback version in 2010.
It also contains in Appendix 6.1, the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) Rules of Arbitration (In force as from January 1, 2012).


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