Introduction to Chemical Engineering: For Chemical Engineers and Students


The field of chemical engineering is undergoing a global “renaissance,” with new processes, equipment, and sources changing literally every day.  It is a dynamic, important area of study and the basis for some of the most lucrative and integral fields of science.  Introduction to Chemical Engineering offers a comprehensive overview of the concept, principles and applications of chemical engineering. It explains the distinct chemical engineering knowledge which gave rise to a general-purpose technology and broadest engineering field.

The book serves as a conduit between college education and the real-world chemical engineering practice. It answers many questions students and young engineers often ask which include: How is what I studied in the classroom being applied in the industrial setting? What steps do I need to take to become a professional chemical engineer? What are the career diversities in chemical engineering and the engineering knowledge required? How is chemical engineering design done in real-world? What are the chemical engineering computer tools and their applications? What are the prospects, present and future challenges of chemical engineering? And so on.

It also provides the information new chemical engineering hires would need to excel and cross the critical novice engineer stage of their career. It is expected that this book will enhance students understanding and performance in the field and the development of the profession worldwide. Whether a new-hire engineer or a veteran in the field, this is a must—have volume for any chemical engineer’s library.


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