Jet Grouting: Technology, Design and Control


Unlike similar titles providing general information on ground improvement, Jet Grouting: Technology, Design and Control is entirely devoted to the role of jet grouting – its methods and equipment, as well as its applications. It discusses the possible effects of jet grouting on different soils and examines common drawbacks, failures and disadvantages, recent advances, critical reviews, and the range of applications, illustrated with relevant case studies.

The book addresses several topics involving this popular worldwide practice including technology issues, the interpretation of the mechanisms taking place during the grouting, the quantitative prediction of their effects, the design of jet-grouted structures, and procedures for controlling jet grouting results.

  • Discusses the design criteria for jet grouting projects and reviews existing design rules and codes of practice of different countries
  • Provides practical methods for design calculations of the most important jet-grouted structures such as foundations, earth retaining walls, water cut-offs, bottom plugs, and provisional tunnel supports
  • Includes the current standard control methods and most innovative techniques reported for the implementation of quality control and quality assurance procedures


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