Oil and Gas Engineering for Non-Engineers


Oil and Gas Engineering for Non-Engineers explains in non-technical terms how oil and gas exploration and production are carried out in the upstream oil and gas industry. The aim is to help readers with no prior knowledge of the oil and gas industry obtain a working understanding of the field.

  • Focuses on just the basics of what the layperson needs to know to understand the industry
  • Uses non-technical terms, simple explanations, and illustrations to describe the inner workings of the field
  • Explains how oil is detected underground, how well locations are determined, how drilling is done, and how wells are monitored during production
  • Describes how and why oil and gas are separated from impurities before being sent to customers

Aimed at non-engineers working within the oil and gas sector, this book helps readers get comfortable with the workings of this advanced field without the need for an advanced degree in the subject.


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