Petroleum Industry Wastewater: Advanced and Sustainable Treatment Methods


Petroleum Industry Wastewater: Advanced and Sustainable Treatment Methods discusses the status of different approaches and advanced processes involved in the treatment of petrochemical and petroleum industry wastewater. The book focuses on advanced, sustainable, and environmentally friendly technologies for removing toxic pollutants from contaminated waters. The book also explores the environmental aspects and impacts of the petroleum industry discharge wastewater, their effect on aquatic life, and possible ways to deal with these effects. Keeping the global water crisis and fast depletion of natural fresh water in mind, more immediate knowledge, information, implication, and effective utilization of available resources are required than we anticipated. The book brings a wide range of methodologies and perspectives under one roof in a comprehensive manner.

  • Describes advanced strategies and methods involved in petroleum industry water treatment
  • Deals with ways to treat discharged water through cutting-edge technologies
  • Presents an overview of pollutant degradation in industrial wastewater
  • Highlights advanced and technological know-how for a variety of applications


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