Piezocone and Cone Penetration Test (CPTu and CPT) Applications in Foundation Engineering


Piezocone and cone penetration tests (CPTu and CPT) applications in foundation engineering includes different approaches for determining the bearing capacity of shallow foundations, along with methods for determining pile bearing capacity and settlement concepts. The use of soft computing (GMDH) neural networks related to CPT records and Geotechnical parameters are also discussed. In addition, different cases regarding the behavior of foundation performance using case records, such as shallow foundation, deep soil improvement, soil behavior classification (SBC), and bearing capacity are also included.

  • Provides the latest on CPT and CPTu performance in geotechnical engineering, i.e., bearing capacity, settlement, liquefaction, soil classification and shear strength prediction
  • Introduces soft computing methods for processing soil properties and pile bearing capacity via CPT and CPTu
  • Explains CPT and CPTu testing methods which allows for the continuous, or virtually continuous, record of ground conditions



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