Practical Guide to Geo-Engineering: With Equations, Tables, Graphs and Check Lists


This handy reference manual puts a wealth of ready-to-use information, data, and practical procedures within immediate reach of geo-engineers and technicians, whether they be in the field or office. It assembles and organizes the most-needed set of equations, tables, graphs and check-lists on six major subfields of geo-engineering: investigations, testing, properties, hazards, structures and works.

This practical reference for the professional and others interested in the subject of ground engineering skips lengthy definitions to highlight best practice and methods proven most effective. While reflecting codes and standards, it also fills the gaps with non-standard approaches when existing ones are skimpy on practical details or agreement. Enhanced by 146 illustrations and 83 tables, the Practical Guide to Geo-Engineering points users to supporting information and data through its extensive reference list.


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