Soil and Rock Description in Engineering Practice


After constructction begins, field logs often provide the only record of pre-construction tracts of land available to the designer and contractor later in the process, as well as for future users of the land. As with any science of description, it is essential that the individual who records the log have both ample knowledge of the items to be described. while also being  cognizant of common descriptors in use so that records are consistent and accurate and easily comparable one to the next.

Soil and Rock Description in Engineering Practice enables the practitioner to record and present features of the ground that conveys a data portrait that will be of use to subsequent users of the land. As the description of soils and rocks is fundamental, the book covers variations in agronomy and geology that are worthy of note, including color, texture, density, and weatherization.

The log must record the materials and strata seen in any sample in a timely fashion, as samples tends to deteriorate quickly. This book provides an invaluable guide for both the novice and practiced engineer. It covers geological formations, classification schemes; and an approach to the description process itself that is as fundamental and thorough as possible.


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