Sustainable Water Resource Development and Management


Sustainable Water Resource Development and Management is a comprehensive volume on this important topic. It broadly covers the sources, availability, demand, and supply of water and its uses in irrigation and crop production in agriculture. It then delves into many specific aspects of water resource development and management, including

  • Irrigation creation and utilization
  • Water storage efficiency, conveyance efficiency, distribution efficiency, and application efficiency
  • The role of water in plant systems and soil-water-plant relationships
  • Estimating the water need for irrigation along with management strategies
  • Water quality in agriculture as well as the impact of water quality on human health
  • Water pricing
  • Wetland management and water productivity
  • Water pollution in agriculture and water contamination in urban and rural areas

Examples and case studies are included to illustrate and reinforce the text, such as reviews of river linking projects, adopted water management technologies for agricultural farms, important irrigation projects (both minor and major), and more. Written by two eminent researchers and scientists in agricultural water management, this informative volume is designed for students of agriculture, researchers, policymakers, and teachers engaged in the field of water management.


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