The Contractor’s NEC3 ECC Handbook


Written in plain English for contractors and their staff, this book explains how the NEC3 contract works and provides answers to common questions. It presents complicated concepts in a simple, straightforward and understandable way, focusing mainly on day-to-day use. Steven Evans, an expert with thirty years of experience in construction, considers all the provisions of the contract and explains the procedures, obligations, and liabilities contained within it.

NEC3 ECC is a process-based contract based on project management best practices. The basic philosophy behind it differs radically from the more adversarial approaches embodied by traditional contracts. While the NEC3 ECC may appear quite simple on the surface, it is often misunderstood and mismanaged by its day-to-day users. Despite the clear and urgent need for expert guides for those who use the NEC3 ECC, or who are considering adopting this increasingly popular contract, available books on the subject are highly technical and written for lawyers and professional consultants—until now. Written specifically for contractors using the NEC3 ECC contract, this book is aimed specifically at a level consistent with the knowledge and experiences of contractors and their staff.

  • A practical guide to the procedures in the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contracts
  • Written specifically for those using and administering the contracts—not for lawyers or professional consultants
  • Considers all the provisions of the contract and explains the procedures, obligations and liabilities
  • Covers all NEC3 ECC versions and variations created by the Main and Secondary Options
  • Provides clear, concise, practical, and straightforward explanations of the NEC3 ECC form used by commercial and operational staff of main contractors

The Contractor’s NEC3 EEC Handbook is a vital working resource for main contractors and their employees, including quantity surveyors, commercial managers, contracts managers, project managers, site managers, and estimators.


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