The Law and Management of Building Subcontracts, Second Edition


There are probably 20-25 subcontracts entered into for every major building contract. However, despite this, there are relatively few books that discuss the problems particular to the subcontract relationship between main contracts and their subcontractors.

This book examines the main issues that lead to disputes between contractors and subcontractors, identifies relevant law, including decisions of the courts, and also provides a view as to how other issues might be decided.

The second edition has been extensively revised to cover all the 2005 JCT subcontracts and works contracts, and recent case law. Four new chapters have been added on subcontractors selected by thrid parties; organisation of the subcontract; sub-subcontracts; and works contracts under management contracting arrangements.

It draws on the author’s extensive experience of managing building subcontracts, as well as his involvement in handling over 130 adjudications.Content:
Chapter 1 Tenders (pages 1–9):
Chapter 2 Contract (pages 10–88):
Chapter 3 Subcontractors Selected by a Third Party (pages 89–104):
Chapter 4 Programming of the Subcontract Work (pages 105–126):
Chapter 5 Organisation and Management of the Subcontract (pages 127–145):
Chapter 6 Design Development (pages 146–169):
Chapter 7 Instructions and Variations (pages 170–205):
Chapter 8 Valuation of the Works (pages 206–250):
Chapter 9 Payment (pages 251–318):
Chapter 10 Completion (pages 319–335):
Chapter 11 Breach of Contract (pages 336–366):
Chapter 12 Determination of the Subcontract (pages 367–400):
Chapter 13 Damages (pages 401–446):
Chapter 14 Sub?Subcontracts (pages 447–453):
Chapter 15 Works Contracts Under Management Contracting Arrangements (pages 454–469):
Chapter 16 The Legal Approach (pages 470–475):
Chapter 17 Dispute Resolution (pages 475–489):
Chapter 18 Adjudication (pages 490–513):
Chapter 19 Statutes (pages 514–527):


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