Water Pipeline Condition Assessment


Sponsored by the Pipelines Division of the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers Water Pipeline Condition Assessment provides water utilities with an appropriate path for determining the structural status of an individual pipeline or pipeline system. Such condition assessments form a critical piece of an effective asset management program by establishing a baseline to understand the present state of a pipeline. By recognizing that current state, the asset management program then enables the water utility to anticipate future issues and allocate the appropriate measures to be undertaken to provide for the continuous safe and reliable operation of the system. This manual of practice focuses on the larger diameter transmission pipelines of water utilities, rather than the smaller diameter distribution systems. It provides technical information and recommendations to set priorities and obtain an accurate determination of the condition of the individual pipelines and pipeline systems. MOP 134 discusses data collection and management, planning, tools/technologies, and the condition assessment report. Six pipe materials are explained in detail: cast iron and ductile iron, concrete, steel, fiberglass, polyvinyl chloride, and asbestos cement. Seven case studies of projects in California, Florida, Texas, and Utah demonstrate the application of a variety of technologies for condition assessment. MOP 134 will be a valuable reference for operators, engineers, managers, and regulators of water utilities interested in the value of condition assessment as part of an overall asset management program.
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